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My name is Andrea, and I am an engineer, educator-in-training, and activist originally from rural Kansas and currently studying at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. My dream is to someday be a teacher and educator for the next generation of engineers, and to advance research for the inclusion of all those who wish to engineer a brighter future.

I hope this blog has found you well and that my content has helped to create some connections between our work as social justice activists and engineers of many types.

Through this site I am hoping to make some caring relationships with others interested in the same things I am – future friends, collaborators, co-authors, and comrades.

You can find my full CV at my LinkedIn.




Oregon State University (2020, expected)
Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, with Ph.D. minor Queer Studies
Graduate Certificate in College & University Teaching

Dissertation title: Invisibilized gender experiences: transgender & gender nonconforming students in engineering education

Committee: Dr. Michelle Bothwell, Dr. Devlin Montfort, Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill

Oregon State University (2015)

M.Eng. in Environmental Engineering, non-thesis.

Supported by U.S. Air Force Palace Acquire (PAQ) Program

University of Kansas (2012)

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

KU Honors Program Undergraduate Certificate in Research Experience: Ion Exchange Characterization of Clinoptilolite Packed Column for Cu++ Adsorption

Research Interests

Gender in engineering; engineering education; research into underrepresentation of historically marginalized groups; social climate research; inclusive classroom pedagogies; qualitative research methods; mixed-methods research; queer studies; critical theory; engineering epistemology; engineering identity and culture; DPD (difference, power, & discrimination) curriculum development; engineering ethics; social justice in engineering.

Research Experience

Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University

Project: “Understanding the confluence: social identities and engineering education and practice.” (2017-present)

  • Multi-year institutional study utilizing intersectional feminist theory to investigate multiple identity groups and their perceptions of belonging and efficacy.
  • Created protocol and administered semi-structured interview and focus groups for students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Performed social science statistical data analysis in IBM SPSS software utilizing ANOVA (F-test), t-test, post-hoc tests, and Cronbach’s alpha reliability analysis.

Project: “Invisibilized gender experiences: transgender & gender nonconforming students in engineering education.” (2018-present)

  • Primary author of successful NSF grant proposal which funded the 3-year interdisciplinary research project.
  • Formed research methods through synthesis of resiliency frameworks, queer theory, mixed qualitative methodologies, and community collaborative research practices.
  • Collaborated with with transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) undergraduate engineering students to form initial research questions and form online outreach questionnaire and virtual online student community.

Teaching Experience

Professionalism / Engineering Ethics, CBEE 320

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Oregon State University, Fall 2018.

Process Engineering, CBEE 414

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Oregon State University, Fall 2016

Professional Experience

Army Corps of Engineers, Portland, OR (2016)

Project Engineer, Small Projects Team

US Air Force, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma (2013-2016)

Chemical Process Engineer, 76th Propulsions & Maintenance Group

Peace Corps, Kolahun, Liberia (2012)

Science / Math Teacher

US EPA, Kansas City, MO (2011-2012)

Environmental Engineering Intern, Region 7 Water Quality Division

US Geological Survey, Lawrence, KS (2009-2011)

Hydrologist Assistant, Kansas Water Science Center


Journal Papers in Development

Haverkamp, A. Bothwell, M., Montfort, D., Plaza, D., “Perceptions of belonging, self-efficacy, and fairness by expanded identity categories within an engineering undergraduate program,” Planned submission to Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, late 2018.

Haverkamp, A., Bothwell, M., Montfort, D., Driskill, Q., “Gender diverse engineering undergraduate students: preliminary social climate data and methodological implications.” Planned submission to Journal of Engineering Education, early 2019.

Conference Proceedings

Haverkamp, A., “The Complexity of Nonbinary Inclusion in Engineering Culture,” American Society 125th Annual Conference & Exposition, July 24th 2018, Paper ID# 22710.

Presentations and Invited Lectures

Paper Presentations

“Exploring Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Engineering Undergraduate Experiences through Autoethnography,” American Society of Engineering Education CoNECD – Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity, April 14-22nd 2019. (Abstract Accepted).

“The Complexity of Nonbinary Inclusion in Engineering Culture,” American Society for Engineering Education 125th Annual Exhibition, Salt Lake City, July 24th 2018

“Intersections of Social Power and Identity: Focus on Gender,” Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace 13, University of San Diego, January 26th 2018.

“Engineering Identity: Laid Bare and Radically Reimagined,” Transform-able Identity/ies Conference, Oregon State University, March 10th 2017.

Invited Talks

“Investigating Gender in Engineering Education through Collaborative Feminist Methodologies,” OSU Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering departmental seminar series, Oregon State University, Fall 2018.

“The importance of gender-affirming care,” Pacific Source Health Plans, presented to Pacific Source Sales & Health Service Team Trainings, Fall 2018.

“The Racialization of Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia,” WGSS 223: Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, Oregon State University, Spring 2018.

“Inclusive Community & Socially Minded Education,” American Association of University Professors Teach-In Series, Oregon State University, Spring 2017.

Professional Service

American Society of Engineering Education (2015-Present)

  • Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Professional Development Team), 2018-Present

Graduate Society of Women Engineers (2016 – Present)

  • FY19 National GradSWE Diversity & Inclusion Liaison

International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace

  • Editorial Board member, 2018 – Present

Oregon State University Dept. of Chemical, Environmental, and Biological Engineering

  • Graduate student professionalization DPD (Difference, Power, & Discrimination) course modules development and implementation team, 2016 – Present


  • American Society of Engineering Education 2018 Annual Conference
  • American Society of Engineering Education CoNECD 2019
  • International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace